« I just watch videos without closed captions  »

- said no one ever.

Hello! We are ClosedCaptioner.com. THE favorite company of the internet for closed captioning video/TV and transcribing audio in English (and 7 other languages) at $2USD/min.

Gary Vee
Mockup David Grégoire

Believe me. A transcriber,

that's ClosedCaptioner.

$2 USD/min of audio

Between us, you cannot get any better.

1-day delivery delay

Upload your video and audio files in 2 minutes, and receive your closed captions within 24h.

98 to 99% of precision rate

Written by humans, and not by a machine that will screw up your video (and your reputation!)

Increase your views by at least 40%

From the throne to microwave delays, people are watching you on every platform. More fun with your phone! No need to mention that closed captioning is a no-brainer.

Trainings with a great advantage

Provide your teams with the closed captions and complete transcription of your training videos, without having to type everything (and do all the work) yourself.

A little Google seduction of audios and podcasts

Do you create audios and podcasts, but do not provide transcription? Ouch! With ClosedCaptioner.com, optimize your SEO.

Transcription for Zoom. Boom!

Do you give talks live on Zoom, Teams and the others: retain the most visual people with a complete transcription. No time to fool around.


knowing how to keep quiet on small and large screen

We know that subtitles are not your priority...but you do not have the choice to provide them. And between us, your editor has better things to do. We are accurate, our rendering is excellent, and we follow the Netflix standards for English, French and 6 other languages.

3 000

clients over the world and counting.

1 800

transcribers to serve you over the world.

Multiply the Fun Multiplatform

All formats are included.

You want to see examples of the different files offered?

Click here if you want to download them

facebook youtube adobe premiere

SRT file

for Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Adobe Premiere Pro

snapchat web

VTT file

for Snapchat and the web


Text transcription

with and without timecodes


SCC file

for the TV
North American

The closed captions walk the talk

We standardize and follow all the standards of closed captioning (syncing with the voice, good sentence and punctuation breaks) Happy eyes, happy customers.

adobe premiere

Without annoying accents.

Adieu sous-titres bourr�s de fautes. Parce que contrairement � la comp�tition, nos accents et caractères spéciaux en français seront impec (et compatibles avec votre logiciel).Conformes. Gros fun.

High-precision cuttings.

With our automatic detection of scene breaks, the closed captions fall at the right cuts. It makes it look quite more professional


Make your subtitles permanent and maximize the views of your videos (or provide the option to hide them). Choose from 10 font styles : you are the boss.

Edited service. Ready to air. Ready to blow up. (your views)

Basic or edited service by a senior transcriber, commonly known as eagle-eye. You will not have to proofread, more saved time.


Nowadays, children have awkward names. You talk about Kevenne in your video, but we renamed him Kevin? You can easily modify your subtitles in our editor.

Upload and go back to work.

Focus on what you do best - we will do the dirty job.





And if we let our audience steal the show?

"An essential, flawless subtitles, a quick, reliable, simple, efficient, human service..." are just some of the comments we receive every day. This is a good thing because all we want is the utmost satisfaction of each of our customers.

Marie Plamondon

Good job, guys! 🙌

Their business is 100% designed to satisfy the customer. Everything is thought so that you receive exactly what you need, within the delay you want and at an affordable price. (And as a copywriter, I must say that their copy is always fine-tuned.)

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William Carrier

A crazy stuff!

Quality-speed-affordable. I have tried others, I have tried AI and I made one myself.
The best = ClosedCaptioner! Props to David Grégoire 🙌

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David Bernier

Great all along the line

ClosedCaptioner was great from start to finish. 20 closed captioned videos, in English and French, in record time at an unbeatable price. Frankly, impressive!

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It is quick, the team is available and nice, the price is fair.
I strongly recommend.

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The bests trust us



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