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Subtitles SEO Benefits for Your Videos: How to Increase Your Visibility

Subtitles SEO Benefits for Your Videos: How to Increase Your Visibility

One day, while I was on my phone browsing the internet, I came across an interesting video, one of these contents that makes you laugh out loud. However, I encountered a problem: the sound was so weak I had trouble hearing what the protagonists were saying. Moreover, I was on a train, and the surrounding noises were annoying.

I thought I would read the subtitles. Unfortunately, the video didn’t have any. This is how I realized that these little text lines are essential for everyone to access video content on the internet.

When I got home, I decided to dive into the world of subtitling. Armed with a curious mind and enjoying a good cup of coffee, I started to train on the videos I myself published on the web.

I inquired about SEO related to videos. I discovered that search engines only scribble external information such as video duration, engagement rate, the number of views, etc when analyzing my videos. The video’s content is not analyzed, although it is relevant and interesting.

However, thanks to subtitles, one of my videos’ content has become more readable for search engines. Nevertheless, it is necessary to publish the videos in VTT or SRT format.

And guess what? The results were amazing! My video’s visibility increased significantly, and my ranking in search engines increased sharply. It was as if the opportunity to optimize my SEO had been offered to me by subtitling my videos.

Adding more competitive and generic keywords was also essential to improve my videos’ ranking. To do this, I added subtitles to my videos with highly demanded keywords. My goal was to optimize the semantic power of my content.

Among the benefits of using subtitles for SEO, I noticed the attraction of new opportunities for links to my web pages. Indeed, a dozen sites found my content attractive and shared or integrated my videos in their articles and some of their emails. In other words, I got external links for free.

It was not just a matter of statistics and numbers. I also realized that my videos were made accessible to a wider audience. Indeed, people who are deaf or hard of hearing and those watching my videos in noisy places can now fully enjoy my videos.

Once, I showed my friends one of my videos at a party. Laughter echoed in the room while they were watching it. All of a sudden, someone asked me if it was possible to turn on subtitles. I pressed a button and instantly, our hearing-impaired friend smiled. I was experiencing a magical moment that convinced me that subtitles in a video are very important. In other words, I was able to improve user’s experience.

Over time, I also realized that subtitles improve viewers’ engagement. They encourage them to stay longer on my videos, interact with my brand and discover more content. In other words, subtitles act as magnets, attracting different internet users and potential prospects.