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Tik Tok video editing inspiration

Tik Tok video editing inspiration

Tik Tok is a very popular social network at the moment. It is interesting to be present there as a professional. Your competitors are also present on Tik Tok. Therefore, to stand out from them, you just have to create attractive and viral videos. To achieve this, you need to make Tik Tok video edits. However, making a video montage is not easy. Hence the importance of this blog post to guide you.

The creation of a video montage Tik Tok has a major interest. This interest consists in presenting to your audience videos with more impact ; thus gaining their attention and eventually attracting them to your product. You can add elements that make your video richer and more aesthetic. To prevent making it boring, you can mix several videos. You can even integrate photos into your videos. All these elements will be explained throughout this article.

Best Tik Tok video format

Tik Tok is a very popular and fast growing social network. It provides many opportunities for both brands and influencers. However, to gain more new subscribers, it is essential to create attractive video content. Indeed, you have to learn to understand the ideal video format for Tik Tok. But also it is necessary to create videos with formats that suit the algorithm of the latter. Therefore, we have prepared a small list of formats take into consideration :

The length of a Tik Tok video

Since its inception, Tik Tok has continually extended the maximum length of a video. Originally, only Tik Tok video formats of up to 60 seconds were allowed. But in July 2021, this limit was increased to 3 minutes. Recently, in March 2022, Tik Tok allows the publication of a video with a duration of 10 minutes.

The resolution of the Tik Tok video

Sometimes when you post videos on Tik Tok it becomes less beautiful once online. This is due to the fact that Tik Tok can limit the resolution of published videos and thus reduce its quality.

Recently, it has become possible to emulate HD videos on Tik tok by activating the HD option. Sometimes the HD version of the application may not appear when the video is broadcast. In this case, you will have to entrust your video to professionals so that it is of good quality.

The Tik Tok video format

The Tik Tok video format is also quite changeable and has evolved over the years. In 2022, Tik tok allowed videos to be uploaded with a maximum size of 1080×1920 pixels. However, there are mandatory margins to be counted on each side of the screen and from the bottom to the top. This mandatory margin goes from 150 pixels for the top and bottom of the screen. But for each side of the screen, it is 64 pixels.

In addition, MOV and MP4 are the only two compatible formats for Tik Tok users. However, for video ads, Tik Tok allows AVI, MPEG and 3GP formats. In addition, the maximum size of the video allowed varies depending on the operating system of use. If your operating system is an iOS, the files that Tik Tok accepts can be up to 287.6 MB. On the other hand, if your operating system is an Android, the maximum video size is limited to 72 MB.

It should be noted that Tik Tok encourages the publication of videos in vertical format with dimensions 9 : 16. However, it does not exclude the use of videos in horizontal or landscape format with a ratio of 16 : 9.

Once the size of your video is acceptable by Tik Tok, you just have to make your content professional.

A professional and distinctive Tik Tok video editing

In order to create a quality video, you either use a video editing software or you call on specialists. In this case, as a specialist in Tik Tok video editing, we recommend Plus Crew. Indeed, at Plus Crew you have the advantage of creating aesthetic and captivating Tik Tok videos. Plus Crew uses the best tools to meet your expectations.

Here are 4 important elements to integrate in your Tik Tok video editing to make it attractive.

1. Resizing your video

It is essential to resize your video to adapt it to the playback on smartphone. This means that before publishing a video on Tik Tok, it is necessary to check the size of your video. If the video is too heavy, it is better to resize it. The ideal is to make sure that the size of the video conforms to the requirement of Tik Tok. In concrete terms, you need to make your video fit the Tik Tok video format. However, control over how the image is cropped or zoomed is required. For this reason, it is advisable to hire professionals to resize your video.

2. The creation of a clip

This step consists in cutting or merging different sequences, and we obtain a clip. A clip is thus obtained from several sequences which are merged to give a single video. Specifically, you have to choose videos that you like but that also attract viewers. Then, the sequences will be cut. The cutting consists of removing the parts that are of less interest and optimizing the most attractive parts of the video.

Be careful, you must focus on the synchronization of the video cut, they must have a link and a logical sequence. If you have trouble cutting and assembling your footage, consult a professional video editor. This will avoid waste but also help you to have a professional and well synchronized video.

To ensure that your followers don’t get bored, create videos that are rhythmic and uncluttered. This not only prevents boredom but also attracts viewers’ attention.

3. The creation of the aesthetic transition

After assembling the video sequences, transitions will be added between two sequences. This is necessary so that the sequences are linked in a fluid and aesthetic way. To stand out from other Tik Tok profiles, it is essential to add an aesthetic transition to your videos.

Even though your visual and video are already very colorful, transitions are still important. Indeed, very colorful visuals attract viewers and make them click and watch your video. However, to stand out on Tik Tok and be more professional, you need to add transitions to your videos. Transitions are not just simple scene change indicators. They are also elements that give relief to your video. They also allow you to convey a particular emotion. By using transitions, you can showcase your creative spirit. Indeed, you can add transitions when you switch between different camera angles.

On Tik Tok, when using transitions, your goal should be to create a seamless narrative. This narrative should not distract from the action in the video.

4. Adding an animated text

All the elements to add on your Tik Tok videos are all essential to make you stand out from other profiles. Animated text is also a feature to add when editing your Tik Tok videos. In terms of marketing, animated text allows you to add a message or a call to action. In this sense, the animated text allows you to reach new customers, or attract prospects as well as retain your customers.

In addition, text and captions help your viewers better understand your content. According to studies, subtitled videos have increased retention. If your goal is to reach the maximum number of followers or to sell a product, it is better to add subtitles to your videos. The language used as a subtitle is in addition to your language. This means that you can put subtitled translations to target a specific audience that does not speak your language.

Other than these different formats, when editing the video itself, there are a few things to incorporate into the video such as those that follow in the next section.

A successful Tik Tok video editing

The quality of a Tik Tok video montage depends on the choice of vocal and visual effects. That’s why it is important to choose the sound to be integrated in your video, as well as the effects to be used.

The choice of the sound

The music or sound is one of the fundamental elements of Tik Tok. The choice of the sound, which must conform to the requirements of Tik Tok, is essential. It is also important to choose the most popular music of the moment. If the choice of the sound seems difficult to you, you can call upon professionals. Plus Crew is at your service to integrate the best sound that matches your video.

Following updates, Tik Tok provides users with the ability to cut a soundtrack. The user can easily change the soundtrack. But also, he can define the duration of the sound to integrate into the video more easily. So be creative !

The use of effects and popular filters

The use of effects and filters is also a detail not to be neglected when editing a Tik Tok video. Before choosing one, it is important to know what filters and effects are currently popular.

Filters can always be applied either before or after the Tik Tok recording. You can either add them yourself or have them added by a professional video editor. The best way to get the best result is to entrust a professional video editing Tik Tok.

As for the effects, the effects are classified by category which are the interactive effects. But also, the trendy effects, the special effects and the new effects, are also effects.

Moreover, the audio effects are also very successful on Tik Tok. Don’t hesitate to add some if it is necessary for your content, it will make it more attractive.

The modification of time and speed

In order to stand out from the competition, Tik Tok video editing encourages you to be more creative. This creativity concerns the modification of the time and speed of the elements and clips of your video editing. Tik Tok’s features allow you to adjust the time of the video editing. You can also modify the speed of the video according to the rhythm of the music or according to your taste.

The use of Picture-in-picture

As the name suggests, this is a picture-in-picture overlay. Picture-in-picture also works with videos. That is, you can overlay videos. In concrete terms, this feature allows the video editor to overlay photos or videos on other clips. Its purpose is to reproduce a picture-in-picture effect or a video-in-video effect.

The Photo mode

Currently Tik Tok offers a new Photo mode. To create a montage for this Photo mode, you only need photos. This implies that you rely on carousels of images to form a video afterwards. The photo mode is customizable just like the video. For example, to make the content more dynamic, you can add a soundtrack.

The use of narration

The purpose of narration is to tell its audience in a video the different scenes of its day. In this way, it helps to get closer to its audience, and also to stimulate brand engagement. Moreover, viewers can follow the events of a video through narration. Narration is also called off voice.


Tik Tok is the most used video publishing tool in the world after Youtube. However, the platform’s features are very limited in terms of video editing. In this sense, it is important to entrust the editing of your videos to professionals. The more you entrust your Tik Tok videos to video editing specialists, the more attractive and viral videos you will get.

In a Tik Tok video montage, the main thing is to add all the elements that make the video attractive. You need to add animated texts and subtitles on your video. Or put transitions, annotations and attractive stickers on your video. In addition, it is important to integrate different effects on your video, which are the most striking in Tik Tok. All these editable elements allow you to attract the maximum number of viewers and reach your goal.